Day: January 17, 2017

Two days after the first race of the season and a lingering cough that sounds like I have been a smoker for decades remains.  On my last post I said that I had learned a few things from the first race and my Garmin.  Today, I discovered another.  Racing, competing against others and thinking about the next time we all meet on a starting line, is fine motivation. 

As I was running errands this morning, trapped behind the wheel of a car, I saw an older gent on a road bike, all kitted up and rolling along at a smart clip.  Envious, I prodded the go-pedal a little harder, speeding up “The Brave Little Toaster,” my ’06 Scion Xb, and hustled home, to kit up, and get out there too.   All I have to do sometimes is see another rider, out there, on the bike and I get inspired.

Inspired by this rider, my thoughts turn to musing about the recent race and I find myself thinking,  “I wonder what the other guys- especially those eleven race-rivals – are doing today? How hard are they training?”  These thoughts are reminiscent of the past, when I would use thoughts of other competitors to spur me to work a little more and a little harder – an extra set, another climb, a few more miles.


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