Day: March 11, 2017

Southern Arizona Omnium March 10-12, 2017

Another omnium in and around Tucson this weekend.  Friday was the criterium and today we had a time trial.  Biggest difference between my previous unfortunate road racing experience – besides no broken chain – is that it’s March and despite the fact that March usually has some of the desert Southwest’s loveliest weather, the past two days have seen the mercury rise to 90+ degrees.  The soaring temperatures made packing my gear a little easier and made for a hot and somewhat windy criterium on a somewhat fun course on Friday. 

We spun laps around the Musselman Honda road racing track – a smooth asphalt circuit that looks to be used mostly for karting.  At least that’s what one might surmise, based on the piles of kart slicks used about the track for catch-fencing and safety barriers.  We rode clockwise around the outside of the road course so the route only contained one quick left turn and a series of flat and slightly off-camber rights.  I love to ride in the twisty bits, so I was hoping for more esses and variety, but still, it was fun to ride on a super smooth and very clean bit of tarmac. 


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