Day: March 29, 2017

I was thankful that the start time for the second stage of the Tucson Bicycle Classic would be 7am; racing for 42 miles in the current heat wave would not have been a good time.  In an effort to cut the expense of racing this year, I had booked a stay at a cheap hotel near the University of Arizona.  The place was convenient to the freeways and therefore, the various stages of the event, but it came at a cost; the traffic noise was pretty high and the internet was non-existent.  So in order to download the data from the day’s previous time trial stage, I decided to get up a little earlier, find a Starbucks, coffee up and down load.  The only Starbucks I could find on the way to the race site was in a Safeway that opened at 5:30am.  That would be cutting it close.


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