Day: April 8, 2017

Mountain Bike Racing 1st Place Trophy for Cat 3, 55-59 Kenda Cup #2 in Fontana, CA on April 2nd, 2017

2 April 2017 – Kenda Cup West #2 – Fontana City National

It happened again.  I arrived at the race course in Fontana and had another of those nightmarish reconnaissance rides that made me question why I had signed up for this event.  The course was mostly singletrack and featured a lot of fairly steep but none-too-technical climbing, followed by very several technical descents.  Most of the climbs were reasonable, but still I struggled – I became the poster boy for “don’t look where you don’t want to go” and I slammed into every momentum-killing rock and rut.  I put my foot down and came to a halt on so many ascents I lost count.  The descents were equally, if not more frustrating – I can’t imagine anyone being able to ride this course in reverse. So I was off my bike or at a standstill and wondering aloud frequently, “What kind of cross country course is this?”  That’s the PG version of my thoughts. I walked two or three of the steeper downhill sections and mused over how many racers behind me I would hold up on race day.  The singletrack sections were not pieced together by many sections of wider trail that would make passing possible for faster riders – should there be any behind me.  And I’m in California where start line chutes are often filled to capacity with the furiously fast.  Just like at Havasu a few races back, if I would have been closer to home, I might have just packed up and left.


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