Bike Gear Pre-Purchase Consultations

A new bicycle can be a sizable investment and bike gear is not cheap. Think of Full Cycle Coaching as a doctor offering a “second opinion.” I offer Pre-Purchase Consultation, and will do the research and will even do some of the bike shopping with you.

As much as many of us love all things cycling, ironically, the local bike shop may not be the most inviting place. Bike shops can be especially off-putting for women. Bicycle retailers are often dominated by men and while they may know a lot about bikes and gear, they often don’t understand how to provide an exemplary customer service experience.

I have worked at half a dozen different bike shops and I have first-hand experience from that side of the cash register. Many shops do a great job, have well-trained employees and take the time to make sure that a cyclist gets the right bike or the right gear for his or her intended application. If you have a preferred bike shop that you want to support where you feel comfortable – go for it! Just make sure you do your homework.

But if you have questions about what kind of wheel or handlebar or bike will serve you and your budget best, Full Cycle Coaching can help you negotiate your way through the hype and make sure you get the right stuff.

Bike Gear Pre-Purchase Consultation Pricing

Varies (From Free to up to $25.00 per hour) — Contact me for details.