Cycle Coaching

  • Do you find conflicting information about the best fitness plan to follow?
  • Do you wish you could find someone that could help you wade through the misinformation and myths and can guide you to a plan that works for you?
  • Do you find yourself with more questions than answers when you search the internet or read magazine articles?
  • Do you often find fitness programs or coaching services that only offer plans geared towards competitive cyclists?

Full Cycle Coaching is different. I specialize in helping all cyclists – from beginners to experts. I have a plan that will help you achieve your individual needs and goals. Full Cycle Coaching will help you:

  • Get the right bike and equipment to meet your cycling needs
  • Develop safe riding habits
  • Gain confidence and skill
  • Create a program that will work with your specific needs, available time and resources
  • Improve performance and fitness
  • Meet your personal goals
  • Become part of the enjoyment and fulfillment of cycling

Perhaps you are just thinking about getting back into cycling after a long hiatus from the sport. Or you want to join some friends on their weekend social rides.

Or after hearing the tales of adventure and joy experienced by others, you have decided to join in the fun and are shopping for a new bike.

Maybe you are an avid cyclist with a competitive streak who wants to line up on the starting line and test yourself against the local weekend warriors.

Or you have long-tasted the joys and pain of competitive cycling, but have yet tasted the sweetness of that top step of the podium.

Perhaps you signed up for your first century ride or multi-day bike tour.

Full Cycle Coaching offers the full spectrum of services tailored to your cycling needs:

  • From newbie to old-hand
  • From fun seeker to fitness fanatic
  • From absolute beginner to long-time competitor.

I have a strategy that will help you meet or exceed your goal – whatever it may be.

From making sure your first ride and entry to the sport is safe and fulfilling, to making you ready to enter your first race, Full Cycle Coaching has got your back.

New Cyclists

Full Cycle Coaching understands that not everyone wants to race, not everyone has the desire to compete. Some of us just want to challenge ourselves to get fit, have fun, see the sights and do it all in a safe and confident manner. We can help you with that, from the plan before you purchase, to your first ride. From making sure the bike you choose fits your needs to making sure that you can take care of those inevitable roadside repairs. See “Plans for New Cyclists”

Busy Cyclists

Full Cycle Coaching also knows that the allure of cycling is strong, but life’s responsibilities take precedence. You are serious about your life having balance and fitness, and you know – like me – fitness is part of a balanced life. We can help you develop a plan that will make cycling work with your busy schedule. See “Plans for Busy Cyclists.”

Re-Entry Cyclists

Maybe – like me – you were once an avid cyclist and you want to return to the sport that  gave you great challenges, fitness and happiness. But the sport and equipment has changed over the years and you need a knowledgeable source to cut through the sales-pitch hype that will make your re-entry to cycling smooth and stress-free. See “Plans for Re-entry Cyclists.”

Competitive Cyclists

We understand the reason we race is to win and we understand that the guy who said, “It isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” can only be answered with “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” We understand you, Mr. and Ms. Competitor – and we have a plan to get you to the front.  We understand the “need for speed” and the “thrill of victory” and “the agony of defeat.” See “Plans for Competitive Cyclists”

Pricing for Coaching Plans

New Cyclists – To start, we will work together, one-on-one. Think of our work together as like that of a personal trainer. I will be with you every pedal stroke.

  • Cost – $75.00 per hour

Fitness Plans for Busy Cyclists – We will meet and discuss your goals and your current life schedule. With this information, I will develop a weekly fitness plan. There is a four-week minimum.

  • Cost – $50.00 per week.
  • One time consultation for goals and planning – $75.00

Plans for Re-Entry Cyclists – We will meet and discuss your cycling past, your current schedule and your future goals. We will also assess your current equipment and your options for maintaining it, or purchasing new gear. We will determine whether you want some one-on-one coaching until you get your confidence and cycling legs back, or whether you just want a plan suited to your goals.

  • Cost – One-on-one coaching – $75.00 per hour.
  • One time consultation for goals and planning – $75.00

Plans for Competitive Cyclists –

  • Cost – Weekly training plans $75.00. Four-week minimum.
  • One time consultation and Training Peaks Set-up – $150.00.(TP optional)


Coaching is all about communication, whether it’s via email, telephone or in person. Most coaches limit the number of email or telephone contacts. I don’t have any limits to the number of times you communicate with me. Instead of limiting communication, I limit the number of cyclists that I work with so that we can have an effective coach and cyclist relationship. If you have a question – call or email. I will return your email or call as quickly as possible. Contact me for more details.