Cycling Strength Training Plans

Certified NSCA Personal TrainerI am a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer. The NSCA is the gold standard in research-based strength training and conditioning. I am equipped with the latest research and planning strategies to tailor a program to facilitate your cycling goals.

  • Mountain bikers need more upper body and core strength.
  • Road riders need core strength and the right kind of strength training.

There is a growing body of research that suggests that a carefully planned and executed strength and conditioning training plan can reap benefits on the bike. The key is making sure the strength training plan is tailored to the needs of the rider and the choice of bike related activity.

For road and mountain cyclists, the key to improving on- the-bike performance is power to weight ratio. Strength training can help increase your power and lower your weight but the strength program has to be the right kind of plan – few cyclists need to carry additional weight in the form of muscle on their bodies. Properly designed, weight training can improve one’s power, one’s comfort and one’s performance on the bike.

The Benefits for Mature Cyclists

The fastest growing segment of the population of new cyclists and those who are taking up racing for the first time is riders who are 50+ years old!

Beginning about age 40, these adults start to lose muscle mass – a condition called sarcopenia. It’s a normal part of the aging process. By the time most of us are 80, we will have lost 50% of our muscle mass. A well-designed strength training program can slow, and in some cases reverse this aging process. Preserving this lean muscle can also benefit those who want to hold onto their fitness or their competitive edge.

Full Cycle Coaching has a variety of strength training plans that can meet the needs of every cyclist, be they mountain, road, fitness, tourist, or older cyclists. Bike specific strength training plans can be part of the “off-season” for racers, a summertime-in-the-desert way to get ready for a spectacular and enjoyable cycling season when the weather cools a bit.

Pricing for Cycling Specific Strength Training Plans

  • $75 per hour.
  • If not part of another one of my cycling coaching services, there is a one-time $75 pre-program consultation and assessment fee.

Contact me for details.