Tag: A Race Against Time

Apparently, I had been too anxious when I registered for this first time trial of my cycling life.  The online registration process provided by SWSportsReg.com, is user-friendly and quick, a real boon to the old, paper methods of registering, mailing, and waiting in endless lines at registration tables, manned and womanned by harried volunteers.  In my haste to sign up for my first USAC sanctioned race, I missed the “Choose your Start Time” button. 

I arose too early, ate my oatmeal, and finished packing and worrying over my cycling gear, bikes, spares, tools, food.  The forecast read windy and cold, with a slight chance of rain.  Due to my lack of attention on the registration website, my start time was set by the time of my registration.  I would roll off at 8:03:30 am.  Several days of rain and clouds left the Sonoran Desert bitter cold.  Okay.  Not the bitter cold of Juno in January, but nonetheless cold, to the inhabitants of Arizona – this hell on earth, this training ground for hades, this purgatory for the parched.  We desert dwellers scramble for jackets when the mercury drops below 70.  One only needs to realize that Arizona’s racing season starts in January to get a sense of just how “warm” (i.e., miserable) it will be four months hence. 


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