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On Saturday, January 21, I will enter my first ever USA Cycling sanctioned road race – a time trial –  a baby step in the process of other road races in the future, but I am both nervous and anxious to try this.

A few days ago, I installed a set of clip-on time trial bars and went for a shakedown ride around the neighborhood, an allen wrench set in my pocket to make any adjustments.  The biggest adjustment came in just the first few pedal strokes when I dropped onto the arm pads.  With arms that narrow, my pretty stable bike was now a twitchy beast, weaving all over the road.  I must have looked like a drunk on a stolen bike. 

After several stops and adjustments, I rode about and found that there’s no way that I could stay in that position for a full TT.  The clip on bars seemed too long and too high – an odd combination and nothing I could to with allen keys was going to make that mo betta. 


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