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Sun Devil Criterium – February 5, 2017

I made the decision to race the Sun Devil Criterium, held on Arizona State University’s campus late in the week.  That I am an alumnus of ASU’s arch rival, the University of Arizona, did not weigh in my decision – much. But I did think about racing incognito in case one of my Wildcat peers saw me.

I had trained hard Monday through Wednesday, in anticipation of a trip to Newport Beach to visit my dear mother.  Flying with bikes is an expensive pain, so I thought two days off, if I could get in a recovery spin on a stationary bike at a gym, would not be too damaging to my training.  My legs were toast after a day of climbing South Mountain twice and two more days of longish rides on my mountain bike due to the drivetrain problems on my road bike.   And there was a race last Sunday that I would rather forget about, so I had four hard days in a row.   I was waiting for a new chain to arrive and riding the mountain bike, though it is carbon and pretty light, was an eye opening and leg “sore-ing” experience. 

A Quick Aside About the Road Bike And The Broken Chain Saga Of The Santa Catalina Omnium

  The chain, a SRAM PC-991, broke at the PowerLink.  And it was my fault.  Part of the reason that I had been using the SRAM chain is that it can be easily removed for cleaning.  I tend to keep my driveline very clean.  What I did not know is that the PowerLink is not meant to be reused.  I had removed that chain at least twice so that link was indeed the weak one.  So all my rather vocal “never again” about SRAM chains made me feel a little sheepish. 


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