Cycle Blogging… and Racing… Again?

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It has been awhile since I have written here. It is time to start blogging again.

Let me bring you up to date.

In 2018, I raced the Goldstate Mountain Bike Series, promoted by Team Big Bear.  I won every event that season and was the Cat 3, Age 60-64 series champion.  Unlike 2017,  I managed to keep from getting burned out on all the travel, training and dieting to stay fit and be competitive.

In 2019, I stayed closer to home and raced the MBAA series.  Again, I won every event I entered.  I skipped the Flagstaff Frenzy race since  my point lead was unassailable and I just don’t care for the Flagstaff course.

After 3 hard years of training and racing, I seriously felt like my mountain bike racing days were over.

Until this morning

I’ve been riding a little and working out in the gym lifting again – mostly in response to pants that have become increasingly tighter since the end of the MBAA series.  I often think about racing again and the response is usually, “Nah.” But something clicked this morning. And after my workout at the gym today, I came home, looked up the racing schedule for 2020 in California and Arizona.

And am now deep into planning to make another assault on those states’ mountain bike series.

Though I feel like I have accomplished a long-held goal of winning a state racing series, I have some unfinished business.  Part of that biz is to document my training and racing in a blog.  I hope it will be enlightening to readers and riders out there.  And I hope that the results of my training, dieting and racing offers others the chance to see that with the right program, right attitude and a little bit of courage and risk-taking, you too can find fun racing your bicycle.

 The Challenge for 2020

After winning two state series, I will have to move up a class in each.  In California, I will be in the Cat 2 class.  In Arizona, I have my choice between racing Masters or Intermediate.  I lean towards the Masters class, mostly because of the age grouping in AZ.  If I race Intermediate, I will be lumped into the 50+ age group and that means competing against guys as many as 11 years my junior.  It might not sound like much, but 11 years in any athletic competition is a huge leap and while it might be a “nice” challenge, I’m just not sure that it would be all that fun.



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